Best Coffee Machine Comparisons & Reviews That You Can Buy in 2020

This one is one of my favorite topic to talk, drink and to make one for myself and my close friends. Every day starts with a hot beverage for me, and that’s the coffee, I just love my coffee, I make one for myself every day, and it’s so easy and quick. You don’t need to be an expert to make a coffee, all you need is right tools and a good coffee machine.

Ill share some of the best coffee machines in the market and the one which is my favorite, and if you are a coffee lover like me than stick till the end to find the best fit for you, and if you are a coffee lover and also like to have tea sometimes, don’t worry also a pick for you which can serve your both needs in one, make coffee and tea in a single machine. Everyone prefers coffee in a different way, some like their coffee light and some prefer a strong coffee, some prefer Latte and some prefer Espresso or Cappuccino, I personally prefer Latte over Espresso. So a good coffee machine should serve all the necessary function so that it can be catered to all.

Best coffee machine Comparison

The machines that I have picked up are

Keurig K-cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker


This is a single serve coffee machine, Latte and Cappuccino maker, it also has a milk frother which is dishwasher safe, it uses K-cup pod to brew a coffee, one thing that I like to most about this machine is that, it has a button for a shot, which make an concentrated shot of a coffee from K-cup pod so you can make you hot or iced Latte or a Cappuccino form your favourite K-cup pod.

It has a frother on the side to forth your milk, you don’t have to forth the milk manually, and that’s the best thing of this product that it has an automatic frother so you get the best froth for the Latte or a Cappuccino. You have 4 options in cup size 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces. It also has a large 60 ounces of water reservoir so you don’t need to fill you water every now and then and it is also removable for easy wash.  

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup coffee maker is amazing, it just like a dripping coffee machine with a little bit of enhanced features. The USP of the product is that is can store your coffee within the coffee maker and keep it hot for 4 hours and maintains the same taste as the first cup of coffee was, the another feature is that it is programmable in advance uptown 24 hours, so when you wake up from the bed your coffee will ready you just have to pour it in your cup. At a time you can have only one cup of coffee from the machine, you have to press the button and it will fill your cup.

As such this machine works as a coffee dripping machine you can make normal coffee only, no Latte or Cappuccino, for that you need an Espresso machine and a frother which this machine doesn’t have. So if you are a person who prefers a normal coffee than you should definitely go for this coffee machine, and this is also the most affordable coffee maker on the list.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker

This one of the most interesting and one of my favourite coffee machine, because it doesn't only makes coffee but also makes tea. You get tons of option to select from, it provides you 6 different type of Brew Size, 5 different type of coffee and tea option to select from, and yeah it includes over the ice and cold brew option so you can create your drink the way you like. One more thing is also has a frother too isn’t it amazing that a single machine can have this many features.

You can also program your coffee in advance so that when you wake up you don’t have to do anything just press the button and your coffee will be ready in no time, one more thing that I liked about this machine is that when you fill your Carafe you can keep your coffee hot as such it has intelligent warming under the Carafe to keep your coffee hot. I can go on and on and still ill not have enough words to describe how compact and multi-function this machine is.

I would surely recommend it to people who prefers coffee as well as tea, this is the best product in the market for you. And one of my favourite on the list too, you can’t go wrong buying this product. And the price at which the product is offered you wouldn’t think twice before buying as such it will not burn your wallet.

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

This is one best coffee machine that I had used, it makes the best coffee at any given time. It has a frother on the side , it come with 3-in-1 filter holder, either you can have one cup or two cup filter or you can use ESE pods, and one more thing is that you can put your one cup filter on the top of the machine as it has a holder for it. It has a 15-bar professional pressure so that when you make your coffee it comes out exactly as you have want it to. And it taste amazing. Use almond milk it will enhance the taste of coffee and will not need to add sugar to your coffee as such almond milk already has a bit of sweetness to it. It also has a drip tray, if while pouring the coffee if the coffee spills out of the cup you can clean it afterwards without worrying that it will mess-up the kitchen floor.

(The only drawback I could think of was /The thing that I didn’t like was) that the height of the machine is very compact and that’s a plus point and with it also comes as a disadvantage because when you use frother you can’t use a big cup and if you want to use big cup than you will have to put something under the machine and then froth the milk. Also the machine doesn’t automatically stops the coffee, you have to press the button to stop the coffee when you fill that your cup is full. For me that’s a plus point for some it may not be a plus point because you have to stop it manually whereas in all the other machines you have automatic stop option.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine

This is an fully automated coffee machine, you just have to put your favourite coffee in the machine and attach the milk jar to the machine and then press the button of our preferred coffee type, after that the machine will automatically frother the milk and will also pour the coffee and milk in your cup. It’s that simple to make coffee out of this machine.

When you are done making of your coffee the machine will display that you need to clean the milk frother, and for that you just have to turn the button to the clean on the milk jar and then machine will automatically clean the milk jar, and if you have some milk left in the jar than take the jar from the machine put it into refrigerator, and when you want to make another cup of coffee than just take the jar from the refrigerator and put it in the machine and you are ready to go for another cup of coffee. According to the height of you cup you can adjust the level and place it under the dripper so that the machine can pour the coffee into the cup properly, and it also has a drip tray so that you can easily clean it if the coffee is spilled outside the cup.

It has option for Espressos, Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino, so you don’t need to worry about the level of the milk and froth for them it will automatically adjust it and make the coffee for you, another features are that you can have Warm milk and hot water, it one for all machine. But all this comes with a huge price tag that will burn your wallet. But if you don’t mind spending than you don’t need to thinks twice before you buy this machine.

AICOOK Espresso and Coffee Machine

This another machine that works very differently, it can work as an espresso machine as we all as a coffee dripping machine. It also comes with a big traveling mug that can be used to store your normal coffee. It has two coffee filters, one cup filter and two cup filter, so you that you don’t need to measure how much coffee you need for a single cup of coffee. Another way is that you put your coffee in to another part where the normal dripping feature is there and it will make the coffee for you. It also has a frother on the side which can be folded when not in use.

The machine comes with easy button, if you want single cup than you have to press the button for the single cup and it you want two cup of coffee than press 2 cup coffee, the button for the frother is located on the top. It make very good cup of coffee. But I personally prefer DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker over this.

So to sum up, all the product the best one of all is DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker as such it makes the best coffee among all the machine and Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker for those who prefer coffee as well as tea.