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Best Laptop Cooling Pads for 2020 – The Essential Buying Guide

You could be a person that always wants everything ready at your fingertips while you are sitting on your bed. A laptop is very useful when you want to watch a movie, want to work, want to play games or many other things, no matter where you are these all can be done with extreme mobility.

But these comes with its own trouble. In the race to make the laptop sleeker, lighter and more powerful, the companies have run into the problems that desktops usually have it under control thanks to their size and ventilation system with powerful fans which reduce the heat issues. Softwares and games using graphics cards make the processors very hot.

Processors are going to heat up intensely when you are working on high quality graphics or playing a high quality game or working on a high resolution video and this is where laptop cooler comes into play. It is similar to PCs having its own ventilation system with multiple fans to help the processor to cool down.

Nowadays, laptops have their own means of air ventilation system to help them cool down but these laptop coolers will give them little extra source to make the cooling faster and easier. You will see the 15 best

laptop coolers as you read below to make sure your laptop stays cool, looks cooler, lives longer and does not die due to heating problems.

The Best Laptop Cooling Pads Of 2020 – An Overview

When you are going to buy a laptop cooling pad for you laptop, there are some features you will need to take into consideration. Likewise, the number of fans can help you determine how much airflow a cooling pad is going to provide to your laptop, also the size of the fans and the speed of the fans are major factors in cooling pad. The design of the cooling pad is another feature which helps you position your laptop for easy use.

Below are the top 10 selling laptop cooling pads and then at the very end we are going to give our own analysis on some of the cooling pads considering its design, fan size, speed and airflow capacity.

Few of the good things I have noted while reviewing the cooling pads were their number of fans, fan speed and coverage, adjustable height, and its body design and dimensions. But in order to keep your laptop cool, fans plays an important part, while adjustable height gives you more comfort while you are using a laptop.

Meanwhile, the size of the fan and speed of the fan also plays a very important role because it will determine how fast it can get the heat off your laptop and get the cool air going through the processor. Of course, you will want the cooling pad match the size of your laptop so fans can give the maximum effectiveness to your laptop.

You will have a feeling of which one is the best fit for your laptop as you read along the reviews. Your laptop heating may depend on what you do with it and what you need to do in order to reduce the heating, keep your laptop in mind while you read on the reviews of cooling pads.

It's important to have the measurements of your laptop to make sure the cooling pad you choose fits best to your laptop. It’s okay to have it a little bigger than your laptop size, you do not want that is too big and certainly not the one that is too small.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads 11

1. PCcooler Laptop Cooling Pad – Well-Balanced Design


⦁ Fan Coverage: With four 85mm fans running up to 1400 rpm on each corner and a larger 110mm fan in the center running at 1100 rpm, the design encourages hot air to leave out from under the laptop and forces cool air in.
⦁ Adjustable Heights: With six adjustable height settings and an anti-skid design, it’s really easy to position your laptop for optimal sitting posture and maximized hand and wrist comfort.
⦁ Fits Almost All Laptops: From 12- to 17-inch laptops, this cooling pad is a fit for most laptops, especially great for the gaming laptop rigs, which are usually 15 to 17 inches in size.

The PCcooler Laptop Cooling Pad is very good for the coverage of fan and it convenience of use. If you are looking for a laptop cooling pad which comfortably suits all the sizes of laptops then this is the best cooling pad to consider.

The coverage of fan of the PCcooler is very impressive, with five fans, four of them are of 85mm with a larger fan of 110mm in the center. This is kind of a fan setup that provides an even cooling effect to your laptop, and you can also set the speed of fan.

You can adjust the fan speed according to your needs, you can slow it down while you are using laptop normally or increase the speed of your laptop processor is taking too much load.

If you are a gamer, you will how this cooling board has 10 red LED lights to illuminate your setup. This cooling pad is an addon to the cool appearance of your gaming laptop and it comes with two USB ports, one to power the fan from your laptop and another to change your phone.

Another feature that is most favourable is its six adjustable height settings which will allow you to really adjust your laptop to the most comfortable position for you which also helps promote a good sitting posture.

So, while the fans on this cooling pad aren’t as big as they could be, and they can sometimes get noisy while they’re at it, there is a combination of features on this cooling pad that makes it a smart choice, especially for gamers whose laptop graphics cards may heat up.

The price of this laptop cooler is reasonable amongst the competitors on this list, putting in the mid-range for cost. With the combination of comfort, utility and its style, it is quite worth it.


  •  Excellent fan coverage.
  •  Six adjustable height settings using a lateral-bar that works with any surface.
  •  Fits almost all laptop sizes, great for gaming laptops.
  •  LED illumination.
  •  Anti-Skid design.


  •  Fan sizes could be larger, but it could be because the chassis is not large enough to fit larger fans.
  •  Can get a little loud during operation
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 12

2. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad – Unique Model Design

⦁ Fan Size and Power: With sizeable fans for good coverage and a fast speed of 1200 rpm, the Tree New Bee sports some good cooling capabilities.
⦁ Stylish Chassis and LED Lighting: With a unique model design and LED lighting, whether you’re a gamer or just want your laptop to look neat, you’ll enjoy this cooling pad.
⦁ Fits Most Laptops: Able to accommodate laptops from 12 inches to 17 inches, the Tree New Bee is perfect for mid- to large-sized laptops that often get hot from intensive operating loads.

The Tree New Bee laptop cooling pad is another impressive cooling pad in this list. It is having a strong cooling capacity with four fans, each of 120mm in size and going at the speed of 1200 rpm. It is having a good size which allows the user to use it for laptops of around 12 to 17 inches in size. It is having two speed controllers for the fan and they all are powered through one USD port out of two available.

Talking about the height adjustment, it comes with two different settings for height which is around 2 inches in difference, that is not too much but can it will still improve hand and wrist position and makes it more comfortable for the users.

This height adjustments comes with two independent legs, which makes it a little uncomfortable to use it on your lap. Best option to do in such case is to use a pillow on your lap for the height legs to rest on.

The cooling pad comes with a non-skid surface design so you do not have to worry about your laptop’s sliding. To make it stand out, the frame of this cooling pad comes with a very unique design instead of common rectangular cooling pads available in the market.

The Tree New Bee has two USB ports, one for powering the cooling pad meanwhile other can be used for different devices or a mobile charging. It is having blue and green LED lighting for its aesthetic look, which makes it an excellent top-up to a gaming laptop setup.

The Tree New Bee cooling pad fits in the mid-range of pricing, making it affordable and value for money in terms of features and functionalities. If you are looking for cool and stylish cooling pad then this is having the most unique design on the list.


  • Four 120mm fans at 1200 rpm for strong fan cooling.
  • Uniquely shaped frame and colored LED illumination for enhanced appeal.
  • Fits most laptops from 12 to 17 inches.
  • Anti-skid design.
  • Nylon braided cable.


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Best Laptop Cooling Pads 13

3. GARUNK Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Extreme LED Color

⦁ Colorful LED Lighting Setup: With three LED colors and the ability to choose individual colors or sport all three, you can switch up your visual style all throughout the year.
⦁ Big Fans, Big Cooling: With four impressive 125mm fans, the airflow and coverage on this laptop cooler is excellent. And 1500 rpm is nothing to laugh at. Your laptop will stay cool with this one.
⦁ Suits Many Laptops: This laptop cooler is excellent for laptops from 14 to 17 inches in size, highly suitable for powerful laptops as they are often large.

The GARUNK has the best LED lighting amongst all the cooling pads on this list. So, if you cool LED lights this is the best option. Now let’s look at other features of this laptop cooler.

THe GARUNK has four cooling fans and they are big enough in size. Each fan is having a size of 125mm and a 1500 rpm of speed. They are fast as well as big, which makes them excellent at airflow and its coverage.

As I mentioned earlier, the LED lights gives you the option of green, red and blue. Best part is you can set one colour at a time or can have all three colors at the same time using single USB port out of two available.

The GARUNK has the ability to sport four sizable fans that comes at a cost of some design element. The chassis is not stylish, not rectangular but nothing unique too.

But you are already getting the LED lighting effects as a make up for the less stylish frame. You are also getting four powerful fans that you really bought this laptop cooler for.

Moreover, this is the most affordable option available in the list. For this reasonable price, you are getting a very efficient cooling pad and while the frame is not cool but the LED lights make up for the same.


  • Four different LED lighting settings: Blue, Red, Green, and an All-3 combination.
  • Larger 125mm fans that are also fast at 1500 rpm.
  •  Works best with 14- to 17-inch laptops.
  •  Height adjustable with two settings.


  • Chassis design is fairly regular.
  • Height adjustments rest on two pegs instead of a bar, making it hard to rest solely on the lap; might need something under the laptop cooler for the pegs to rest on when resting on lap.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 14

4. TopMate TM-3 – Fantastic Fan Speeds

⦁ Five powerful 2500 rpm fans: These fans help keep airflow strong as well as well-distributed, thanks to their size and speed. Even with the corner fans being on the smaller side, their power makes up for it.
⦁ Five Adjustable Height Positions: This cooling pad is highly accessible for varying hand-wrist comfort levels.
⦁ Blue LED Lighting: The LED lights not only enhance visual appeal, but it also works to visually indicate fan speeds. And then of course, there’s the display screen on the front, too!

The TopMate fits for the upper-mid laptop coolers for smaller laptops. This laptop cooler is no slouch. For perfect laptop size, this laptop cooler is best for cooling whether you are using it normally or playing high resolution games.

This cooling pad is having five fans that runs at the speed of 2500 rpm, which means that it is having pretty good airflow and the size of four corner fans is 65mm meanwhile center fan is of 120 mm. The corner fans are small but the 2500 rpm compensates the size with its very good airflow speed.

The TopMate is having six different settings for speed and a display screen to show the information of how your cooling pad is running. The screen display is an easy way to access what speed your cooling pad is running on without having to check it manually. The blue LED lights helps show how fast the fans are working. The brighter the lights get, the faster the fans will work.

The body design is very unique, it is having an aesthetic appeal along side the blue LED light. This laptop cooler is having five different height positions with bar support instead of flip pegs. This makes very comfortable for all the user with any resting position even while using it on their laptop.

Similar to other cooling pads, the TopMate is powered using a USB port with a convenience of not needing a power adaptor.

This laptop cooler fits in the mid-price range, making it a great choice when you are looking for value for money laptop cooler. Again, it is important to remember that his cooling pad is designed for laptops between 12 to 15 inches in size, so if you have a laptop of 17 inches then you will need to look for a different cooling pad.


  •  Five strong fans that can run as high as 2500 rpm, positioned for optimal airflow.
  •  Blue LED lighting.
  •  Height adjustable with five settings.
  •  Small display screen for information on laptop cooler settings.


  •  Corner fans are smaller than most.
  •  Uses a hinged flap to hold laptop in place instead of a non-skid surface, meaning laptop could slide side to side.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 15

5. Wsky Laptop Cooler – Big On Fans

⦁ Great Airflow: Large 140 mm central fan and four relatively big 80mm fans keep the heat going out and the cool air coming in.
⦁ Super Ergonomic: With seven height adjustments, this laptop cooler suits virtually any user.
⦁ Compartment for USB cable Storage: With a space specifically for stowing your USB cable, it’s easy to keep this laptop cooler nice and tidy when you’re done using it or when you need to transport it. Great for gamers and those who like to work while on the move!

The Wsky Laptop Cooler is another good fit to this list. This cooling pad has the capability of supporting laptops of sizes between 12 inches to 18 inches. It is having four fans of 80mm and the biggest fan of 1400mm, this means, it is having a good airflow and coverage.

The large fan runs at a speed of 1100 rpm, but it's big size makes up for it. And the smaller fans run at a speed of 2200 rpm. The cooling pad has the control for blue LED lights and two adjustment knobs for fan speeds.

While the Wsky’s chassis is not so special, it is having regular rectangular shape, this cooling pad is designed keeping ergonomic comfort in mind. It has seven adjustable height levels, it is having an amazing with adjustments for different sizes of laptops. It is good for hand-wrist comfort for any user, whether it be a typist or a gamer.

The only negative point it has is the height adjustment which is supported by two flip tabs instead of a bar, so it might use little extra effort while setting it on a lap.

This laptop cooler does not have an anti-skid surface but instead there is a hinge to hold the laptop in its place. Which means the laptop can slide off from the sides. Hinge will only work if the cooling pad is on flat surface.

Monetarily, the Wsky is on the top of mid-range prices. Fan size of this cooling pad makes it worthy. Consider the fact that it is incredibly ergonomic and you can have a great deal.


  •  A large 140 mm central fan and four 80mm corner fans (large for corner fans) provide excellent airflow.
  •  Seven height adjustments to suit every user.
  •  Neat and tidy design makes for easy transport.
  •  Blue LED lighting for style.


  •  Height adjustment rests on peg flaps instead of a bar, making it not as great for lap support.
  •  The larger fan runs at a slower speed, though the small fans helps compensate for this.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 16

6. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad – Simple Looks, Fantastic Functionality

⦁ Super Ergonomic: From the bar support design to the six height adjustments, this laptop cooler is perfect for every user.
⦁ Great Airflow: With a big 120mm central fan and four 70mm fans, the Kootek does a great job of keeping laptops cool. Especially with the 70 mm fans running at 2000 rpm each.
⦁ Fits Almost Any Laptop: With a size range of 12 inches to 17 inches, the Kootek works great with almost any laptop out there, including gaming laptops.

The Kootek laptop cooling pad is not greatest in look, it is much more of a box rectangular in shape. But it makes up for it with its features. It can fit any laptop size between 12 inches to 17 inches, it can handle almost all the laptops which are used for work or gaming.

It has five fans, four of 70mm running at a speed of 2000 rpm and the large one in the centre of 120mm in size and running at a speed of 1000 rpm, these fans helps throw hot air out and getting cool air inside.

This cooling pad also comes with multiple settings for the fans to either keep just central fan working or the four corner fans. Or you can have all five fans working at the same time, that really depends on your needs and your noise tolerance capacity.

In terms of design, it is having an anti-slip design with two hinges to keep the laptop in place. Meaning, it may slide off from either sides but it will keep the laptop steady on the flat surface.

The Kootek is very ergonomic in design with six height settings for better hand comfort and posture. This height adjuster is on a bar making it good for lap support.

Corner fans makes up for the speed of central fan which is relatively slow in comparison to corner fans.

The Kootek is also at the top of mid-range laptop coolers. Having the speciality of how adjustable it is, it makes for an excellent choice for any user looking for high comfort level with hand-wrist posture.


  •  Six height adjustment levels for all users and comfort levels.
  •  Great airflow with five fans, including four 70mm running at a fast 2000 rpm.
  •  Multiple fan settings for various cooling needs and noise levels.
  •  Stylish blue LED lighting.


  •  Basic rectangle design.
  • Central fan is a bit on the slow side, but is compensated by the faster small fans.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 17

7. ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad – Strictly For Gamers

⦁ Powerful and Effective Airflow: With a large 140mm central fan at 1264 rpm and four 70mm fans running at an intense 2630 rpm, you won’t be found wanting for laptop cooling airflow.
⦁ Designed for Gamers: Three adjustable height levels for the best comfort for gamers.
⦁ Perfect for Gaming Laptops: Rather than being a Jack of All Trades, this is a Master of One. Designed best for the powerful 17-inch gaming laptops.

If you are an intense gamer and looking for a stylish and high cooling efficiency cooling pad, the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is the best gaming laptop cooler so far. The cooling pad has stylish red LED lights to illuminate your gaming laptop, it also has green and blue LED as an option. These LED lights are adjustable along with the fan speed, means it will glow brighter as the fan speed increases.

Speaking of fans, it has one large fan of 140mm in centre and four corner fans of size 70mm each. The central fan runs at the speed of 1264 rpm which will generate an intense airflow to keep the laptop cool. Meanwhile the four fans in corner runs at the speed of 2630 rpm keeping your laptop super cool while you are playing high resolution games.

This gaming laptop cooling pad is designed ergonomically with three adjustable height levels keeping gaming in mind to ensure your hand and wrist stays in proper posture and you feel great comfort while you are conquering the leaderboards.

While it is basic rectangular in shape, it has two anti-slip hinge to keep the laptop stable as long as you do not tilt it to either of the side. This makes it more effective in comparison with single hinge designs.

The design is mainly focused on gaming and the best size for laptop is 17 inches to use on this laptop cooling pad. However, it is suitable for smaller sizes of laptops as well but the cooling won’t be much effective.

The ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is placed on mid-range price cooling pad but for it gaming design, it is well worth the price if you have 17 inches powerful gaming laptops. If you have a laptop of any other size then you may want to consider something else on this list.


  •  Powerful 140mm and 70mm fans.
  •  Perfect for 17-inch Gaming Laptops.
  •  Three adjustable height levels for a hand-wrist comfort and good posturing while gaming.
  •  Stylish red, green, or blue LED lighting options when you buy


  •  Severely limited to 17-inch laptops;other sizes may experience varying levels of cooling quality.
  •  Basic rectangular design for chassis.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 18

8. CM Storm SF-17 – The Biggest Fan

This cooling pad is having a massive fan of 180mm and four height adjustable settings. This ergonomic laptop cooler is ideal for movie watcher, designers or for regular office work.


  •  Sturdy construction and materials for a tough laptop cooling pad.
  •  Ergonomic design with multiple height adjustments.
  •  Height adjustment base is a bar support, great for resting on laps or having better stability on flat surfaces.


  •  Single fan setup is not as efficient as having three, four, or five fans, not great for gaming.
  •  Expensive for a cooling pad.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 19

9. Otimo Laptop Cooling Pad – Ergonomic Cooling Pad for Gamers

The Otimo is having five fans, four in corner and one large in the center. It is having excellent airflow and coverage, this laptop cooling pad works best for casual laptop users as well as the games. It also has six height adjustments and rests on a bar which makes it an excellent for using on your lap or a flat surface.


  • Suits laptops of 12 inches to 17 inches.
  • Five fans for improved airflow and coverage of laptop.
  • Six height adjustments for ergonomic comfort.
  • Great for gamers.


  • Basic rectangular design.
  • Central fan runs at a slow 1000 rpm, but does compensate with four fans running at 2000 rpm.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 20

10. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim – Lightweight And Easy to Carry

The Cooler Master NotePal is an ultra-lightweight having single fan of 160mm for its cooling solution. This laptop cooler works best for casual laptop users or for watching movies.


  •  160mm fan works great for casual laptop users and movie watchers.
  •  Comes with two height adjustments for different comfort levels.
  •  Works with 15-inch to 17-inch sized laptops.


  •  Singular fan is not efficient in cooling laptop during intensive workloads, not the best for gaming.
  •  Simple hinge peg height adjusters, not easy for adjusting height while using it on your lap.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 21

11. Targus Lap Chill Mat – Top Casual Cooling Pad

Targus Lap Chill Mat is having dual fans and a comfortable neoprene exterior, this cooling pad is excellent for casual laptop users who use their laptops for office work or any designing work while using laptop in any comfortable sitting position.


  •  Comfortable neoprene exterior makes for comfortable laptop use while resting it on the lap.
  •  Dual fans work well to keep the laptop cool under casual operation.
  •  Compatible with all laptops from 17 inches and below.
  •  Lightweight for easy transport.
  •  Rubber stops for anti-skid surface.


  •  Not the best for intensive workloads such as high-end gaming.
  •  No height adjustment.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 22

12. Havit HV-F2056 – Good For Gamers

Havit has three big fans of 110mm running at 1100 rpm, it is having great air ventilation.
Positioned for excellent airflow and coverage, this cooling pad works well for any laptop user, including gaming laptops. What’s more, it’s highly suitable for 15-inch to 17-inch sized laptops, which is great for the gaming enthusiast. It also comes with two height adjustment levels.


  • z Three big 110mm fans for great airflow and excellent surface area coverage of the laptop.
  •  Stylish blue LED lighting.
  •  Suits gaming laptops from sizes of 15 inches to 17 inches.


  •  Height adjustment is supported by pegs, making it ill-suited for resting on the lap.
  •  Only two height adjustment levels limit ability to suit all hand-wrist comfort levels.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 23

13. KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad – Quiet Efficiency For Gamers

Supporting laptops from 11 inches to 19 inches, the KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad is a great gaming laptop cooling pad for all.
Powered by four large fans that run at a nice 1400 rpm, you can rest assured that your laptop will remain cool.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads 24

14. TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad – Zero Sacrifices For Airflow Coverage

Cool your laptop with five fans with adjustable speeds using the TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad.
With a full mesh surface, there’s no area where airflow is interrupted. This makes for a great gaming laptop cooling pad. It also comes with a laptop support baffle to keep your laptop from slipping.


  •  Stylish blue LED lighting.
  •  Five fans for efficient cooling and airflow coverage of the laptop.
  •  Suitable for laptops from 12 inches to 17 inches.


  •  Height adjuster only has two levels and is supported by pegs, making it not the best for resting on the lap.
  •  The anti-slip baffle keeps the laptop from sliding down, but laptop could still slide off one side or the other, making it not great for use on the lap.
Best Laptop Cooling Pads 25

15. Thermaltake Massive With Temperature Sensor – For The Temperature Conscious

Great for those who like to keep an eye on their operating temperatures, the Thermaltake Massive uses a temperature sensor and a display to keep tabs on how hot your laptop is getting.
Along with that comes with a control panel for your fan control and locking your settings. This makes for an excellent cooling pad for casual users as well as light to medium gaming.


  •  Two large 120mm fans maintain impressive airflow.
  •  Temperature sensor provides feedback on how hot your laptop is getting; you can change the fan settings to adapt.
  •  Three height adjustment levels for better ergonomic comfort.


  •  Height adjustment is done on extended flaps, making it not the most convenient for resting on the lap.
  • Temperature readout is not entirely accurate as it reads external heat and not internal.

The Buying Guide

There are few factors which you really need to consider while deciding on a cooling pad for your laptop.

Standard Features

Few features needs to be on every laptop cooling pad, and one of the main features involves the specifications of the fans. There are few more features about the fans which needs to be taken into consideration, these fans features play a vital role in cooling your laptop so pay close attention to while assessing laptop cooling pads.

The Number Of Fans Included

First point to consider is the number of fans on your laptop cooling pad. More fans you have, the more airflow your laptop will get. This is also important for the coverage of the airflow, the more surface area covered, the faster your laptop will cool down.

Moreover, having the best positioned fans can help funnel hot air out better, and effectively ventilation cool air inside. Pay close attention to the position of fans.

The Size Of Fans

Now, the size also matters. Bigger fans will give you better air flow. For example, a fan with 180mm can push more air even if it’s running slow, versus a small fan moving at a higher pace. If the cooling pad has less fans but having a large fan will compensate the loss of number of fans.

When you have a very large fan, such as three 120mm fans or a single large 180mm, it can be taken into consideration in place of the number of fans. So long as there’s a balance between size and number, efficient cooling can take place.

Speed Of Fans

Fans can’t move air without moving. And the faster the fans move, the more airflow your laptop gets. The speed of your fans is measured in rpm or rotations per minute. Though just like the other two standard features about fans, it’s important to see if there is a balance.

A fan’s speed efficiency can be judged by measuring it against the fan’s size and the number of fans. For example, even if you have five fans, if they don’t move fast enough, airflow will not be strong enough to mitigate heat quickly. Alternatively, a single large fan might move a lot of air thanks to surface area, but if it isn’t moving fast enough, heat will accumulate faster than the fan can move it.

Additional Top Features

There are other features that should be considered too when looking at cooling pads for your laptop. While these aren’t always guaranteed to be with every model, the more of these you can get, the better! Take a look at these features and consider them:

Ergonomic Design: Height Adjustment

Ergonomics has become more and more important as health issues continue to arise from prolonged use of computers and laptops. Hand-wrist comfort is important to help improve posturing as well as to alleviate the risk of developing problems such as carpal tunnel and muscle strain. One of the ergonomic features that help with this is the ability to adjust the height of your computer or laptop devices. In this case, we’re talking about the laptop cooling pad.

Consider how many height adjustment levels a laptop cooling pad has. The more levels it has, the better chance you will find one that’s right for you.

Anti-Skid Surfaces And Laptop Placement Holders

It’s inconvenient when your laptop is sitting on its cooling pad, and suddenly it slips off. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can be expensive because your laptop could get damaged from a fall. What good’s a laptop cooling pad if your laptop is broken?

If you’re not into performing balancing acts with your laptop, it is best to make sure you have anti-skid surfaces on your laptop cooling pad, like rubber stops or at least hinge flaps that keep your laptop from sliding downward when the laptop cooling pad is elevated.

Fan Speed Adjusters

Regardless of if you’re using a laptop or a desktop PC, when fans run at higher speeds, there is more noise. Some people don’t mind it. Others can’t bear it.

Look for fan speed adjusters on your laptop cooling pads to see if you can manually change fan speeds to quiet things down. Inversely, fan speed adjusters can help you make sure that your fans are running at max capacity for maximum cooling—especially important for gamers. You can find these fan speed adjusters usually in the form of turning knobs or wheels on the side of your laptop cooling pad.

Looking to boost your Wi-Fi connectivity? You can’t go wrong with these range extenders!

The “Coolest” Choice For Your Laptop

All in all, when deciding on a laptop cooling pad, it really depends on what it is you do with your laptop. Maybe you’re a casual internet user, and the most you do is watch a few YouTube videos, check your social media, and exchange emails with friends, family, and work associates. In that case, you don’t really need a high-end laptop cooling pad, and you could probably settle for something with just one or two fans.

On the other hand, if you’re a gamer, you probably don’t want to put any stops on the number of fans you can get or how fast those fans go. Intensive workloads on your laptop will absolutely generate more heat, so go wild on the cooling features.

“There are many things to consider when choosing a laptop cooling pad, but most important is cooling functionality and performance, followed by ergonomic design. The cooling is to help make sure your laptop parts last longer, and the heat doesn’t destroy them.”

The ergonomics is so that your hands, your wrists, and your back don’t suffer either while enjoying your laptop devices. Make sure that the laptop cooling pad that you choose takes care of both your laptop as well as yourself.

This guide can help make sure that you pick the right laptop cooling pad. So long as you take into account the features that I’ve listed in the buying guide, you’ll be able to make sure that your cooling pad is able to keep up with your laptop’s specifications as well as the tasks you use your laptop for.