Best Mac beach Wagon, Sport Wagon and Double Decker Wagon that you can buy for Holidays in 2020

Wagon is needed because of the summer holidays have arrived we all travel to either to a beach, go on comparing or in the wild for adventure or start exploring new places. We carry a lot of things with us, like campaigning tools, sleeping bags, mattresses, food, water so forth, that’s all heavy stuff that we have load in trunk and unload it when we reach our destination and that my friends is a huge task to carry out, don’t know about others but I personally believe that it’s a lot of efforts and energy goes to do all this stuff and we get tired and can’t enjoy the trip as we should have.

So I was looking for something that can ease my work and with little bit of effort and came across the product “Mac Sport Wagon” it has two variants, Mac Wagon and Beach Wagon

Dimension & Details of Best Mac Wagon

Product Mac Wagon with side table Beach Wagon with side table
Size (inside) Approx. 32"L x 20.1"W x 17.5”H Approx. 33"L x 21.5"W x 18”H
Lower Deck NA NA
Front Wheel Height Approx. 7.5"H Approx. 12.8"H
Back Wheel Height Approx. 7.5"H Approx. 10"H
Handle Length Approx. 28.5"L Approx. 34"L
Size Unfolded Approx. 45.2"L x 20.1"W x 22.5”H Approx. 44.9"L x 21.46"W x 24.61”H
Size Folded< Approx. 20.1"L x 7.9"W x 29.5”H Approx. 21.5"L x 9.7"W x 31.5”H
Weight Capacity Approx. 150 lbs Approx. 150 lbs
Product Weight Approx. 23.5 lbs Approx. 24.7 lbs

I prefer Beach Wagon with side table, as such sometimes the wheels of a smaller size make is difficult to mover, and especially on a beach it difficult to move with such small wheels, and if the load is heavy there are chances that it might get stuck in sand and you don’t want that to happen. The table is so handy that I can’t describe, so thoughtful of the Mac Sports to give option for that, they also have an option without that table that does reduce the extra cost of the wagon but I would prefer the wagon with table.


This isn’t particular to summers holidays only it can be used in day to day life also, if you are golf player than you are in for treat you can easily put your kit and move around the golf post, if you’re a person who likes surfing, you can put your surf board in wagon too and so forth. It’s so easy to carry around too, and it doesn’t add to your space in truck.

Best Features of Mac Double Decker Wagon

The frame is made up of steel that gives a long and durable life, the fabric used is a polyester 600D which is washable. The wheels are made up of high quality plastic and folding the wagon is also a very easy task. You also get a matching colour cover with the wagon, good job for doing others it would have been a difficult task to find the cover that fits perfectly. The handle of the wagon is height adjustable and that a useful feature and it also has a lock that keeps the handle at it place when the wagon is folded or when you are folding wagon so it makes it and easy task to fold the wagon, and also the table is attached and that too get folded when you are packing your wagon. The table is also made up of high quality of plastic.

If you have a garden or swinging pool to maintain then the Mac Double Decker Wagon is made for you, as is also has a storage capacity below the main deck so you put all you gardening or pool cleaning tools and move around and maintain it hassle-free, even if you have to visit the shoppers market for monthly requirement then it comes in handy as such you can put your necessary/delicate things in the basket and other stuff in lower deck.