Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphones That You Can Buy In 2019 in 2020

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphones

Samsung launched its flagship series Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphones which was announced on 20th of February and was launched on 8th of the march.

This is the 1st time that we will witnessing a full display without any notch rather it will be a small punch on a display, Samsung calls it a Infinity O display so screen to body ration increase and we get a much bigger and better display. It also provides some amazing wallpapers so you can hide the punch on the screen and that’s a cool feature and it also looks refreshing. As we have seen that now a day’s most of the phones manufacturer uses a notch and it has became very common and we needed something else something new then what’s already there in the market and, Samsung brings in-display camera or as Samsungs calls Infinity O display which is refreshing and looks amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Factory Unlocked Phone 

  • An immersive Cinematic Infinity Display, Pro-grade Camera and Wireless PowerShare The next generation is here

Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in 3 different variants, they are S10, S10 plus and S10e.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphones

All 3 variants shares the same chipset Exynos 9820, which is proprietary chipset by Samsungs and its forged with 8nm fabrication, this chipset is used everywhere but except North America, over there it gets Snapdragon 855 which is based on 7nm process but when it comes to performance Snapdragon 855 chipset performance better than that of Exynos 9820.The major difference between 3 variants that can be notice is in the Display, Camera and Finger print scanner. The S10e comes with 5.8 inch FULL HD+ resolution with flat plane whereas S10 has 6.1 inch with curved display and S10 plus has 6.4 inch curved display, both this devices comes with wide quad HD+ resolution. When it comes to finger print sensors S10e has a finger print sensor built in power on/off button and that is the most power full finger print sensor we have ever seen on a Samsung device, whereas S10 and S10 plus has built-in finger print sensor in plane that uses ultrasonic sensor to recognize you and unlock the phone, this is amazingly accurate than compared to its rival likes of Oneplus 6T, Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Oneplus 6T uses a 2D finger print sensor which requires light to recognize you and unlock the phone, Huawei Mate 20 Pro use optical in display finger print sensor whereas S10 and S10 plus uses the ultrasonic sensor. Samsung’s in-display finger print sensor is one of the best in-display finger print sensor present in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphones Accessories



  • S10 e comes with Dual setup of cameras in rear with one being 16-MP ultrawide  (f/2.2) and second being 12-MP dual-pixel wide (f/1.5, f/2.4)
  • S10 and S10 pus comes with Triple cameras in rear one being 16-MP ultrawide (f/2.2) second being 12-MP dual-pixel wide (f/1.5, f/2.4) and third being 12-MP telephoto (f/2.4)


  • S10e and S10 comes with single setup of 10-MP dual-pixel (f/1.9)
  • S10 plus comes with Dual setup of cameras 10-MP dual-pixel (f/1.9); 8-MP depth-sensing (f/2.2)


  • S10e comes with 6/8 GB of ram and 128/256 GB of storage and dedicated slot for memory card which is expandable upto 512GB
  • S10 come with 8 GB of ram and 128/256 GB of storage and dedicated slot for memory card which is expandable upto 512GB
  • S10 plus comes with 8/12 GB of ram and 125/256 GB of storage and dedicated slot for memory card which is expandable upto 512GB


  • S10e comes with 3,100 mAh, S10 comes with 3,400mAh, S10 plus comes with 4,100mAh.
  • All the 3 device can easily last for a day, if you think that S10e has a smaller battery life and couldn’t last whole day, then you are going to be left surprised as it does have a smaller battery life so does the screen, as such S10e has a 5.8 inch Full HD+ display so the consumption of battery reduces and hence gives it an advantage over other
  • Deciding which phone to buy is very difficult now a days as such there numerous option available to us in market by Chinese players like Xaomi, Appo, Vivo which provides some features of a flagship phones in a mid-range, and Samsung even by charging a premium price lacks to provide many essential features and it has taken too long to launch new Smartphone’s series that matches with customer demand which has effect the sales of smartphones, so now Samsung has come back with Galaxy series to compete with the market rival.
  • While making a purchase of a smartphone we consider many things, but the most crucial thing that matters now is the camera, not just the rear facing camera but the front facing camera as well, as such we continuously use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we upload our day to day activities and picture so camera has become the most crucial part where the customer make its buying decision, Google when launched its Pixel series phone raised the standard bare very high, even though it has single camera setup in rear no phone present could compare with the Pixel camera, but now there’s a competitor for Pixel 3XL that’s Samsung Galaxy S10 series which performance fantastic in bright sunny day and also in a low lighting condition, pictures taken form S10 vcomes out very sharp all  thanks goes to its night mode.
  • When it comes to choose a device I would prefer S10e at any given point, because it has a smaller display which makes its super easy to handle even with single hand, there is not compromising over chipset as all 3 share the same Exynos 9820 chipset, when it comes to RAM we do get option of 6/8 GB of rams which is sufficient for the device. One more important aspect that made me want to buy S10e is the price.
  • S10e 6GB RAM with 128GB storage comes at a whopping price of ₹ 55,900
  • S10 8GB RAM with 128GB storage comes at a price of ₹ 66,900
  • S10 plus 8GB RAM with 128GB storage comes at a price of ₹ 73,900
  • Now that’s a huge difference in price, and also S10 and S10 plus features a curve display and that my friend when drops doesn’t take much to get the crakes on it, whereas S10e features a flat plane and that can take some serious drop and still will not get can scratch on the plane so that’s a win win scenario for me as many times phone slips from my hand falls on the ground and gets damages so I don’t prefer curve display as they crack soon and when if you are one who doesn’t drop phone as much as I do even than that I would prefer to buy S10e because there no point of paying a hefty price just to add one more camera to it, when the pictures taken from S10e doesn’t make much difference sometimes it’s very difficult to differentiate between which pictures was taken from S10e and S10. If you like a bigger screen then go for S10 as such its phone that’s in between the S10e and S10 plus, rear camera of S10 and S10 plus are same, and the front facing camera of S10 and S10e are same so that the best option. I wouldn’t go for S10 plus because it doesn’t make sense in spending 73,900 on just for a bigger screen and dual camera, ultimate decision is going to yours which one to go for, all depends on personal opinion.