Cool Things That You Should Know About Iphone Xs in 2020

iPhone Xs, iPhone have always brought something innovative to market, 1st dual set-up of camera was launched by apple and so was the notch so that the users can get a bigger screen on the same size without switching for bigger phones and so forth. Let's get details about iphone xs. 

The launch of apple X made people go crazy as now they have added an air-pods to iPhone X which is wireless earphone and they are so good, I have always liked the music on the earphone that where provided by apple but now air-pods is something really awesome, the issue that I was facing with earphone was that it used to tangled and sometimes one side of the earphone stopped working but this is a huge upgrade by apple.

IPhone XS and iPhone X are more likely the same device if you keep them together side by side it’s very hard to differentiate which is IPhone X and which is IPhone XS, but when it comes to hardware that’s where everything changes as IPhone XS has apples latest Intelligent A12 Bionic chipset which is said to be 25% faster the its predecessors.

The rear camera structure is slightly bigger not noticeable but when you put on iPhone XS back cover on iPhone X that’s when you will notice that its slightly bigger cover as there’s a littler gap on the camera bump.

iPhone XS camera

iPhone XS features a two 12 MP shooter one having an f/1.8 wide angle lens second being an f/2.4 telephoto lens. It also records video at 4K up to 60 fps and it also has a Smart HDR mode which brings more highlight and shadow details to photos. Enhanced bokeh effect brings a professional look to photos, it also features adjustable depth control which means while editing a portraits photos you can now even adjust the depth of field to get the exact amount of blur you wanted for your photos.

iPhone XS Display Review

IPhone XS and XS Max both share the same display that is Super Retina custom OLED display the screen size and the resolution are different for both of this device. IPhone XS has a 5.8 inch screen with 2436 × 1125 resolution with 458 pixel per inch whereas the iPhone XS Max has a screen size of 6.5 inch with 2688 × 1242 resolution with 458 pixel per inch. Now iPhone is also rated IP68 (maximum depth of 2 metres up to 30 minutes) under IEC standard 60529 and apple also claims that it can resists spills from coffee, tea, soft drinks and more. HDR10 and wider stereo sound. With support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 titles from iTunes, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, movie night comes to iPhone. Wider stereo playback makes it all sound great. And the HDR photos of yours that you have captured before will also have greater dynamic range

Best iPhone XS Accessories

That You Should Know About Iphone Xs

iPhone Xs Face ID

All the recent phone launched by manufactures has used in-display finger print sensors, placed the sensors on the on/off button or on the back of the phone. Many phones do use face unlock but we all know that we end up using finger print sensors because many times it does not recognize our face or it too dark for it to recognize no manufacturer has ever came close to Face ID, Samsung iris scanner is good but still not that good as compared to Face ID because though it takes a bit longer the iris scanner but its way more secure than any other phone in the market.

iPhone Xs Software

Apple ios 12 is one of the best software in the market, and one of the safest software to use as there are no bloatware so it make the ios smoother and faster than any other device. The best thing about and iPhone is that if you are using any other apple products then you can easily move or connect your device, if you and your family members use iphone you can monitor how they using their phone, and one cool feature that they have added is that where if people using iPhone want to share pictures and you are in a group you can notify other person to share the picture with you, it that’s easy to use iPhone and it’s the most user friendly device.

iPhone XS has the latest ios 12, which is smooth as silk as ever, even the iPhone X has got the update of ios 12 which makes it even better as the update has made it a bit faster and smoother then it was on ios 11 so it’s a good news for iPhone X users that don’t need to upgrade to iPhone XS for a faster responses for them I would say that they should wait for the new iphone to launch as they will receive a better update then iPhone XS. Other iPhone users who are using iPhone 7 or 8 for them it would a much better option as they will get a huge update on chipset as well as on the display too, as iPhone 7 and 8 used to have a huge bezel and whereas the iPhone XS has a notch and it is a bezel-less display. Also they will be getting an upgrade to a better camera features too, so overall they will get a way better upgrade on iPhone XS.

The most important thing about and apple phones are that you don’t lag behind on the updates that are rolled out by the apple, whereas on and android device if you aren’t an google pixel user or an android one user you probably want get more than 2 upgrades that google has rolled out and you also don’t get timely update on security patch so at any given time an apple’s ios is way better than that of android os, so we don’t see iPhone user switching to android os because they lag on update and also hangs a lot when compared to ios.

So if you are already and iPhone user and want to upgrade than don’t wait, but if you are not an iPhone user and want to buy an phone I would recommend personal once to try iPhone as once you get hang of it you never turn your back from to android. I know iPhone aren’t cheap device but what you get in return will last long than any other android device and that’s my personal experience.